Search / Enquiry Certificate Fee - S603 (as for property transfer) includes special reading as part of certificate TAX
Fee for providing information in writing, including Special meter reading N $70.00
Formal GIPA Access Application N $30.00
Reconnection fee - requires new service
N Appropriate connection fee
Reconnection fee (new service not required)
N $162.00 + cost of meter required
Remove Flow Restricting Device N $162.00
Meter Test Deposit
N $72.50 

Test fees for Back Flow Prevention Devices
RPZ Devices
Other Devices

N $106.50
 Leak Detection (Minimum 1 hour)  Y  $101.95 per hour
 Water main location involving potting or excavation  N  $101.95 per hour
 Dishonored Cheque fee
 N Double the relevant Bank fee incurred
 Interest on Overdue Accounts
 N  8.5%
 Service call 
 Y  $101.95 per hour
plus materials at cost
 Plumbing Permit including standard inspections
 N $101.95 
 Additional Plumbing inspection due to non-compliance or request for a Occupancy certifiecate.
 N $168.00
 Non-compliance with water restrictions


 Water Filling Station Access
 N $279.00
 Replacement Water Filling Station Key
 Y $57.00 
 Pressure and flow analysis application fee
 N $168.00
Clearing of shrubs and small bushes
Y $101.95 per hour
Repair to damaged water main N Minimum $500 Actual costs plus 20%
Private Works Y Actual costs plus 20%

Applicable to 30th June 2015