Saving water outside your home

  • Fit tap timers to all your garden water taps. Tap timers automatically turn off your drippers even if you forget!
  • When washing your car, try using your tap timers to control the flow time.
  • Don't mow your lawn too short? A longer lush lawn develops a deeper root system and requires less water to look great.
  • Talk to your nursery about water friendly plants. There are thousands of waterwise plants to choose from, that look great even in tough dry conditions.
  • Mulching not only helps to control weeds, it also prevents soil drying out! Compost, sawdust, straw, grass clippings, pebbles and woodchips are all excellent mulching solutions.
  • When planting your garden try grouping your plants into high or low water users.
  • Did you know small shrubs require more frequent watering than larger hard leaf varieties?

Saving water inside your home

  • Toilets can be checked for unseen leaks by adding a few drops of food dye in the cistern. If the colour is detected in the bowl, there is a leak which needs to be fixed.
  • Install dual-flush cisterns on toilets
  • Keep showers to approx 4 minutes by using a timer
  • Install a water saving showerhead (3 star rating)
  • Wipe off cookware, plates etc. before putting in dishwasher so a lighter wash can be done.
  • Only run the dishwasher when there is a full load.
  • Save rinse water from the washing machine for plants
  • Run the washing machine with full loads and if replacing the machine, purchase a higher star rating model.
  • Ensure taps are turned off properly to stop drips
  • Repair/replace parts of taps are leaking
  • Collect cold water while waiting for the hot, to put on plants.
  • To check for any hidden leaks, turn ALL taps off on the property. If the water meter is still running there is a leak, which may need the services of a plumber.
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